Common Mystery Shopping Questions:

What is Mystery Shopping?
The term mystery shopping refers to customer satisfaction research methods for studying predefined customer service and compliance standards. In these studies, you would serve as a trained observer, as a so-called mystery shopper, and engage in a normal customer experience situation. The service standards of various service industries are evaluated according to a predetermined criteria and reviewed by you. This is not your subjective perception, but the most objective assessment of certain quality standards that we will ask you to report. To collect the results as authentically as possible, the service employees should never know that you are in fact a mystery shopper.

The results of the tests that you collect as a mystery shopper will allow businesses and organizations detect the vulnerabilities in their service standards, and make adjustments to help service future customers in a manner more closely aligned to their high service standards.  Your role as a mystery shopper ensures that compliance risks are routinely examined (eg, standards of service, appearance, product placement, in-store promotions, etc). With your help, customer service levels can be improved across an entire network of locations, ultimately benefitting all customers.

How will I be prepared for an assignment?
For assignments in which you qualify to act as a mystery shopper, you will receive a detailed briefing that includes information pertaining to the assignment, and a description about the scenario to be followed.  It usually consists of a documented set of steps and instructions as well as a short online training. In some cases, mystery shoppers will also be prepared in person, by phone or by webinar.

How can I access the webinars or video tutorials?
A link to the courses can be found in the written briefing materials.

Can multiple assignments be performed each day?
How many assignments can be carried out per day depends on the parameters of specific assignment rules.

 Are there any software requirements to enter my information via the web?
We recommend your Internet browser always upgrade to the latest build. In addition, it may be necessary to include photos of documents, business cards or the like in digital form. A scanner, a photo-capable phone or digital camera will help. Our software is optimized for the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

How quickly must the shop be submitted for review?
We need the results submitted no later than 12 hours after physically performing the assignment. This is important so that your observations and responses are as fresh in your mind, as authentic and detailed as possible. Some projects even require the immediate entry of the results directly after the execution.

What is the employment status of a mystery shopper?
Mystery shoppers work exclusively as independent contractors/freelancers for Ipsos Loyalty. For more information, please see our terms of use.

Is the registering to become a mystery shopper free?
Yes, Ipsos will never request that you pay to become a member of our mystery shopping panels.

Can mystery shoppers registered with Ipsos perform assignments for other mystery shopping companies?
Absolutely – it is even encouraged that you perform assignments for other mystery shopping companies.